About CuraLinc

CuraLinc Healthcare helps organizations improve productivity and decrease costs through an integrated suite of behavioral health and wellness programs.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

CuraLinc Healthcare’s employee assistance programs, provided to most clients under the SupportLinc brand name, offer employers a resource to improve employee productivity, engagement and retention. The program's innovative and highly-structured behavioral health case management model also helps companies reduce both direct and indirect costs. In addition, SupportLinc can be an effective management tool for employers, providing assistance in areas such as workplace trauma, corporate training and management consultation.

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Health and Wellness Programs

CuraLinc Healthcare’s health and wellness program, provided to most clients under the EmpowerLinc brand name, includes an outcomes-driven suite of health management services that support the improvement and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Through the EmpowerLinc program, wellness participants receive the tools, resources, motivation and one-on-one instruction necessary to achieve the perfect balance of physical, financial and mental well-being.

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Other Services

In addition to employee assistance (EAP) and wellness programs, CuraLinc Healthcare provides a variety of additional services that improve the health, productivity and engagement of program participants. These services include, but are not limited to: managed behavioral health; behavioral telehealth services; pharmacy intervention programs; disability management services; telemedicine; nurse line; student assistance programs; and depression management services.

CuraLinc Healthcare's mission is:

• to offer client organizations an array of solution-driven behavioral health and wellness programs aimed at increasing productivity and decreasing the costs, both direct and indirect, of unhealthy members;

• to care for individual client members by resolving, setting in motion a plan or providing information to solve a client’s problem in a professional, expedient, cost-effective manner;

• and to create a working environment for CuraLinc employees that treats them with professionalism and respect, and enables them to provide services to organizations and individuals in an exceptional manner.