The CuraLinc Difference

The CuraLinc Difference

CuraLinc’s commitment to providing a market-leading suite of
outcomes-focused programs is guided by the following key differentiators:

Clinical Strength

Every call into CuraLinc Healthcare’s EAP is answered directly by an independently-licensed, experienced, masters- or doctorate-level mental health clinician. This clinician provides a comprehensive assessment, establishes a baseline for outcomes measurement and guides the participant to the most appropriate resource(s) to address his or her concern.

Driving Positive Outcomes

CuraLinc's proprietary assessment and case management process leverages an evidence-based instrument to measure outcomes from EAP participants. The data collected by CuraLinc suggests that an EAP with the proper construct and focus can facilitate meaningful behavior change that correlates to a decrease in absenteeism, and increase in productivity and a positive impact on health and well-being.

Engagement through Innovation

By developing programs that leverage CuraLinc's technological and clinical advantages, and by creating service components that increase the effectiveness of existing programs, CuraLinc strives to stay ahead of the curve by innovating features and resources that keep program participants healthy, engaged and productive.

The Power of Integration

CuraLinc focuses on three levels of integration when it comes to positioning an EAP or wellness program at the core of a client's population health management strategy: service integration, data integration, and marketing integration. By taking this three-pronged approach, CuraLinc helps clients provide an efficient and coordinated system of treatment resources.

Holistic Health Coaching

Health coaching through CuraLinc’s wellness programs is based on a holistic, mind-body approach that views good health as a balance of physical, financial and mental well-being. All health educators have a master’s degree in a health-related field, an average of ten years' experience, and are certified by both the Wellness Council of America and the American Lung Association.

Healthy Results

CuraLinc’s wellness program delivers meaningful results for employers and participants. In an independent multi-year study, the Premier plan design option had a significant and measurable impact on direct and indirect costs, reducing medical claims and increasing productivity.