Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

CuraLinc Healthcare’s employee assistance programs, provided to most clients under the SupportLinc brand name, offer employers a resource to improve employee productivity, engagement and retention. The program's innovative and highly-structured behavioral health case management model also helps companies reduce both direct and indirect costs. In addition, SupportLinc can be an effective management tool for employers, providing assistance in areas such as workplace trauma, corporate training and management consultation.

The following features are included in all CuraLinc Healthcare EAP models:

Direct Clinical Access

Around the clock, every call into the SupportLinc program is answered directly by a licensed masters or doctorate-level behavioral health clinician. This clinician performs a thorough behavioral health assessment and provides professional guidance and advocacy to members with conditions across the behavioral health continuum.

Short-Term Behavioral Health Counseling

Through CuraLinc’s global network of behavioral health counselors, the program helps members identify and resolve personal and work-related concerns, including:

• Addictive Behaviors
• Anxiety
• Anger Management
• Depression
• Family and Marital Concerns
• Grief
• Organizational Change
• Stress
• Substance Abuse

eConnect® Behavioral Telehealth

eConnect®, which is included with every CuraLinc EAP model, provides members with secure video, web chat and telephonic access to independently-licensed masters-and doctorate-level behavioral health clinicians. All eConnect® practitioners are DCC-credentialed and have a minimum of five years’ experience in the direct provision of clinical care.

Clinical Case Management

CuraLinc Healthcare's unique EAP model focuses on problem resolution by providing advocacy-based clinical management of every case, from the initial assessment to post-case follow-up.

Management Consultation

CuraLinc Healthcare's management consultants are available to provide clients with effective supervisory, management and human resources consultation. Given the complexity of most workplace-related human capital issues, these professional consultations are invaluable to employers.

Work-Life Benefits

Work-life benefits within the SupportLinc EAP provide participants with guidance and referrals to legal and financial services, as well as dependent care resources.

Legal Assist:

For many Americans, general legal advice and preventive consultation seem out of reach. Nearly 60% of middle-income Americans faced with a legal issue do not seek professional help, primarily because they are apprehensive about the expense and their ability to identify a capable attorney. CuraLinc Healthcare's Legal Assist service relieves that stress by providing members with in-person and telephonic access to our nationwide network of experienced attorneys.

Financial Assist:

Employees who are physically, emotionally, and financially fit in their personal lives are better able to contribute in the workplace. With CuraLinc’s Financial Assist program, employees can access a program of comprehensive financial support services - empowering them to concentrate on responsibilities at work, rather than on their financial concerns. CuraLinc’s financial counselors and educators are available to answer questions about debt management, home buying, budgeting, saving for college, bankruptcy prevention and more.

Integrated ID Recovery:

CuraLinc's Identity Theft Recovery service provides members with telephonic access to an identity recovery professional who will help them assess their situation, create an immediate action plan and provide them with the knowledge and tools to implement that plan most effectively.

Family Assist:

As life becomes increasingly busy and complex, personal issues create distractions that compromise workplace productivity. CuraLinc's Family Assist resource and referral services provide members with a consultative team of experts who o¬ffer information and referrals in areas such as child care, adoption, elder care, education, pet care and personal convenience services. Each member receives personalized attention and consultation on all aspects of their work-life needs. During each step, the referrals are reviewed for detail, scope and applicability to the member’s original request.

Worksite Services

CuraLinc Healthcare provides SupportLinc EAP clients with an array of worksite services that have a positive impact on employee productivity.

Critical Incident Response Services:

ResponseLinc, CuraLinc’s critical incident response service, is offered to clients following traumatic events such as a natural disaster, workplace violence, a robbery or a workplace accident.

Training and Organizational Development:

PerformanceLinc, CuraLinc's branded training and organizational development product, provides clients with a variety of customized onsite and web-based educational modules designed to make their staff and supervisors more engaged and effective.


CuraLinc Healthcare's technology-enabled resources provide program participants with personalized and interactive support for everyday issues, any time day or night.

Web-Based Services:

The SupportLinc web portal, also known as the ‘Engagement Engine’, acts as an excellent complement to the program’s telephonic and in-person services. More than ‘just’ a website, this online engagement engine allows participants to connect with peers and co-workers in forums on work-life topics that are of interest to them. The portal's extensive library of informative articles, audio and video files, handy assessments, and valuable resource links can all be accessed through one convenient location.

Distance Counseling:

CuraLinc Healthcare’s innovative eConnect® distance counseling platform, which can be found on the SupportLinc website, is included with all SupportLinc programs. eConnect® is a confidential and secure web-based counseling product that complements the program’s existing face-to-face services by providing members with video, phone and web chat access to treatment. eConnect® is staffed with licensed masters-and doctorate-level behavioral health professionals who possess a DCC (Distance Credentialed Counselor certification), as well as experience in distance counseling.

Mobile App:

Available on most smart phone and tablet devices, eConnect® Mobile provides participants with mobile access to secure and confidential counseling and helpful resources on a number of wellbeing and productivity-related topics. The app also contains a summary of each client’s unique program, as well as the ability to connect immediately with one of CuraLinc’s licensed and experienced clinicians.


In order to maximize the effectiveness of an employee assistance program, it needs to be positioned and marketed as a core component of a company’s health management strategy

Data Integration:

CuraLinc has a unique ability to create holistic profiles for each member of an organization. By collecting data from other benefits, as well as absenteeism, productivity and claims data from the client organization, CuraLinc can provide care based on the individual, not just their presenting behavioral health condition.

Benefit Integration:

CuraLinc’s licensed clinicians are cross-trained to identify and refer members with comorbid health-related conditions to the appropriate wellness or care management program. CuraLinc also accepts referrals into the SupportLinc program from other health management components.

Client Services

From a dedicated single point-of-contact to a robust promotional schedule to coordinating the EAP as a core population health management component, CuraLinc Healthcare provides clients with an exceptional array of account services.


CuraLinc Healthcare's proprietary assessment, follow-up and outcomes measurement tools shape an innovative set of reports that illustrate the impact of a client's employee assistance program.

Marketing and Promotion:

Consistent and positive messaging is one of the keys to a successful employee assistance program. In order to maximize the value of an EAP, providers must make the program more accessible to all employees, whether they have an acute emotional health concern or a ‘little bit of stress’ in their lives. With that in mind, CuraLinc provides clients with a comprehensive marketing strategy that focuses on driving awareness of the SupportLinc program throughout the organization.


Integrating CuraLinc Healthcare’s SupportLinc EAP into a population health management (PHM) strategy allows clients to address the significance of behavioral health concerns as either primary or comorbid health conditions. By connecting the SupportLinc program at a case-, reporting- and data-management level with a client’s other health management components, CuraLinc Healthcare can increase the efficacy of the SupportLinc EAP, as well as the value of programs like disease management, telemedicine, onsite clinics, and wellness.

To request an EAP proposal from CuraLinc, please fill out a short form here and a CuraLinc representative will respond to you in a timely manner.

The 'Hole' in Population Health Management

Population Health Management (PHM) is an outcomes-driven strategy that utilizes a variety of individual, organizational and cultural interventions to improve the health of an employee population. Unfortunately, a significant hole exists in almost every PHM strategy – behavioral health. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), it’s a gap that accounts for 7.3% ($135 billion) of the $1.85 trillion spent on all healthcare services in the U.S. each year – an amount roughly equivalent to the total spent on heart disease ($78 billion) and cancer care ($58 billion) combined. In addition to impacting bottom-line costs, behavioral health concerns also affect the health and wellbeing of employees. In a recent health risk assessment study by a leading wellness provider, 9.1% of all participants were ‘high risk’ for alcohol, depression or stress-related conditions. Furthermore, these individuals also had an average of 5.1 high risk factors for physical health conditions, compared to 2.6 for participants who did not present a significant behavioral health concern – underlining the connection between physical and behavioral health.

This data begs the question: If behavioral health is so important, why aren’t more organizations integrating the one benefit intended to address behavioral health – an employee assistance program (EAP) – into their population health management strategies?

By integrating an EAP at a case-, reporting- and data-management level with a client’s other health management components, CuraLinc Healthcare can treat employees with presenting or comorbid behavioral health concerns and address the hole that exists in most PHM initiatives.

Outcomes and Impact

The value proposition of employee assistance programs (EAPs) is based on the understanding that employees with unresolved behavioral health and emotional well-being concerns are likely have troubles in their professional and personal lives that ultimately impact a company's bottom line. Historically, EAP providers have used a handful of metrics to illustrate their ability to resolve or mitigate these concerns, such as: end-user utilization rates, client referrals, satisfaction surveys or website usage. While these measurements may be effective ways to identify the level of awareness that an EAP has within a client, they don't truly address the impact that the EAP had on the individual that used the program.

New research by CuraLinc Healthcare suggests that EAP models with the proper construct and focus can facilitate meaningful and lasting behavior change that leads to a decrease in absenteeism and an increase in productivity. This was illustrated in a recent case study, "Outcomes and Impact: Maximizing the Utility of Employee Assistance Programs", which also showed that the SupportLinc employee assistance program can measurably improve the health of employees who present with depression or alcohol abuse.

For additional data regarding an EAP’s ability to have a measurable impact on direct and indirect costs, visit CuraLinc Healthcare’s Financial Offset Dashboard.