Health & Wellness Programs

CuraLinc Healthcare’s health and wellness program, provided to most clients under the EmpowerLinc brand name, includes an outcomes-driven suite of health management services that support the improvement and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Through the EmpowerLinc program, wellness participants receive the tools, resources, motivation and one-on-one instruction necessary to achieve the perfect balance of physical, financial and mental well-being.

CuraLinc offers three plan design options for the EmpowerLinc program. All three can be tailored to suit the unique needs of each client.

Plan Design Model: Core

The EmpowerLinc Core model is a structured, turnkey wellness solution for clients of any size. All programs include health coaching, access to the EmpowerLinc wellness portal, team or individual competitions and culturally-relevant health promotion.

Plan Design Model: Enhanced

The Enhanced plan design option is an activity-based model that assesses and engages participants. This model includes the features of the Core model, plus biometric screenings, risk evaluation, targeted outreach and incentive administration.

Plan Design Model: Premier

CuraLinc's Premier wellness model, which includes the features of the Core and Enhanced models, is an outcomes-based program that holds participants accountable for their health. This level of service is based on HIPAA-compliant, clinical metrics and health goals to engage all members to strive for their optimal level of health and wellbeing.

Key Program Components

• Overall Program Administration
• Telephonic and Web-Based Health Coaching
• Total Rewards Administration
• Biometric Screenings
• Health Risk Assessments
• Intervention and Engagement Programs
• Customizable Wellness Portal
• eConnect® Telehealth Platform
• Team and Individual Competitions
• Incentive Management
• Financial and Emotional Health Consultation

To request a Wellness proposal from CuraLinc, please fill out a short form here and a CuraLinc representative will respond to you in a timely manner.

Tobacco Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS) Administration

Tobacco surcharges are increasing in popularity as employers continue to find ways to provide affordable health coverage for employees and family members. Effective January 1, 2014, as a function of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurers and employers are able to charge tobacco users up to 50% more than non-users. A key component to the ACA regulations that many employers overlook is the requirement within the ACA that forces an employer to provide access to a tobacco cessation program as a Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS) to a tobacco surcharge.

CuraLinc Healthcare offers the 'U Breathe' tobacco cessation program, combined with complete RAS administration, to employers as a turnkey solution to the ACA requirement. RAS Administration is embedded within the Enhanced and Premier models; and also sold as a stand-alone product for employers that do not elect the aforementioned models.