Partner Programs

CuraLinc Healthcare provides partners and re-sellers with an integrated behavioral health management solution that helps their clients reduce health plan costs and increase employee productivity. This program leverages the competencies of a unique employee assistance program (EAP) model, combined with managed behavioral health functionality, to fill the 'hole' of behavioral health that exists in most population health management strategies.

Fills the ‘Gap’ of Behavioral Health

The program’s unique construct allows it to be positioned as a core component of a client‘s population health management strategy. By integrating the program at a case- and data-management level with a client’s other benefits, the program can address comorbid behavioral health concerns and help the plan treat members holistically.

Reduces Claims

The program is proven to reduce the average client’s outpatient mental health and substance abuse (MHSA) claims by over 30%. In addition, CuraLinc will impact inpatient and residential treatment costs by guiding members with acute MHSA conditions to the most appropriate and cost-effective level of treatment within the health plan at the point of entry. For more information, about CuraLinc’s ability to have a positive impact on costs, click here to access the Financial Offset Dashboard.

Drives Positive Outcomes

The program, which is based on the foundation of an innovative EAP model, has a significant and measurable impact on employee productivity, absenteeism, and condition-specific outcomes from participants who present with depression or alcohol use/abuse.

Increases Brand Equity

Every feature of CuraLinc’s behavioral health solution, including the phone number, website, intake greeting, and employee-facing promotional materials, can be tailored to suit the brand of the partner.

Promotes Early Identification

Although EAPs have long been a resource for the early identification and treatment of MHSA issues, CuraLinc's unique model can also be positioned to identify physical health concerns before they manifest into high-dollar claims.